To educate and inspire people to learn the art of eating food that is designed for our body by nature. We strive to build a future where whole-plant based food is universally eaten, respected, and served with love and compassion.



Help establish a relationship with nature’s food that has the ability to nurture, heal and reconnect with our instincts to reach optimum health by building a support system to create a safer world for animals and the environment with a sustainable lifestyle.



Justbe believes in the expression of our ancient wisdom “We Are What We Eat.” Justbe is India’s first whole -plant based resto-cafe with a unique collaboration of wellness and a holistic lifestyle.

At Justbe our creative, delicious, exciting, and wholesome food is made with love in the most extraordinary of manners, leaving each person feeling nourished and refreshed. Our humble attempt is to create a movement to be one with our body by providing it with exactly what it needs that is, nutrients and fibers.

The ingredients we use are designed to awaken our instincts which assist in building our immune system and forge a deeper relationship with food. Inspired to build a community space where food, ambiance, and other wellness activities help foster love, kindness and compassion for our mind, body, soul, and to everyone in the community, Earth.

We invite you to “Taste Good Health; where eating and being together becomes a moment of sharing, bonding, gratitude and celebration.

At Justbe “JUSTBE YOU” – We take care of the rest.

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