My journey with whole food plant based diet began with an epiphany when I attended a retreat in 2016 by SHARAN led by Dr Nandita Shah in the hope of lowering my cholesterol levels without medication. I was introduced to the idea that “Food is our medicine and medicine is our food” and it set me on a path that became my life’s calling.

Not only did I get rid of my elevated cholestrol levels, migraine and rosacea but also saw people in the retreat reversing cancer and chronic lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular illness. Armed with the newfound enthusiasm and the prescription handed out by ‘Dr. Nature,’

I first set out to help my family members and later people everywhere. The magic is that all of it is possible with just one diet and lifestyle.

The Motivation behind the Creation of Justbe



I want to simplify the approach to good health and wellness and make ‘eating as if your life depends on it’ a household concept. We are conscious beings and it will serve us well to be compassionate towards one’s own health, our fellow earthlings and the environment. It is just the start and I have miles to go before I can rest.



To the universe for choosing me for this path to spread awareness and through this connecting me to my real purpose in life. I wake up everyday feeling more grateful to the abundance and gifts nature has to offer.



I switch roles multiple times a day among being a restauranteur, educator, food therapist & certified health coach and nutritionist (Ecornell-NYC 2020 & Sharan- India 2016). I am aided in my endeavours by my skills as a certified psychotherapist and counselor (NLP, Transactional Analysis and Life Skill trainer).

As founder of India’s first whole food plant based resto cafe – Justbe established in June 2017 – I improvise and conceptualise dishes for our menu that make healthy eating mainstream. Our conscious kitchen serves food with love and makes all “Taste Good Health” My team of health and lifestyle coaches work with me to help clients based on their health conditions and fitness goals.

We help people with weight loss, prevention and reversal of cancer and chronic lifestyle conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases among many others.

Proud Moments


We are noticing a shift in attitude and rapid improvement in health of the people. It is common for me to see lives turned around in a matter of days. The work of ‘Team Justbe’ was recognized and we bagged the following awards.
The Times Food and Nightlife Award in the category of TAFE Best Health Food category in 2018
Excellence in Food and Health category at Times Power Women 2019
Best Healthy and Diet Food Restaurant of the Year at Indian Restaurant Awards 2019 : Regional Level
Best Healthy and Diet Food Restaurant of the Year at Indian Restaurant Awards 2019 : National Level

What is Whole Food Plant Based Diet? (WFPB) and why should one care?

It is “One food for all” The intelligent ingredient that is fiber and nutrients in whole plant foods are the only source which can heal human illnesses and food with no fibers in products like sugar, oil, refined flour, meat, dairy, and eggs are the cause for growing diseases and lifestyle ailments in the world. To make a wholesome WFPB meal, we shall include beans, legumes, fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts, spices, and variety of greens.


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